Keysonic ACK-540UPLUS Wired Keyboard With Integrated Touchpad

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  • Compact Keyboard
  • Integrated Touchpad
  • Wired USB Connection
Compact Keyboard

When your workload gets a little too much having space on your desk to work is vital, being a small 29 cm in width the 540U+ from Keysonic is here to save space on your desk. Want a keyboard that’s small enough to not take up much room on your desk but doesn’t lose the functions of a full sized keyboard? Then the 540U+ from Keysonic is perfect for you.
Integrated Touchpad
Not only does it save space by being compact, but with the added feature of a touchpad allows for the 540U+ from Keysonic to be your one-stop keyboard to maximising space. Moreover not only does it come with a touchpad but a smart one allowing for features to be used called finger functions, these allow for the user to be able to expand the use of their touchpad making it similar to a standalone mouse. From scrolling up and down a page to and functionality of a right click available the 540U+ is here to make computer life much more efficient.
SoftSkin Surface – Comfort for Long Usage
When it comes to keyboards we don’t normally factor in comfort and style whilst using them but with the 540U+ from Keysonic you can have such luxuries. Made from plastic but covered in a matte black SoftSkin coating, the 540U+ from Keysonic makes typing stylish and more importantly comfortable especially during long typing sessions. The 540U+ also has an integrated palm rest which can be used to minimise the risk of RSI in your wrists allowing for a more comfortable typing experience.
X-Type Membrane Technology – Because Silence is Golden
Boasting X-Type Membrane switches underneath each key allows for a smoother and much quieter typing experience whilst still having tactile feedback to allow for faster and a more enjoyable typing experience for both you and your colleagues.
USB Wired Connection
Coming with USB connection as standard the 540U+ from Keysonic has no additional drivers to install and runs on plug and play allowing to use this keyboard within a matter of seconds.


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