Apple Mac Repairs

Apple Mac Motherboard Faults

Some Apple motherboard issues can be fixed, including Power issues, BIOS / CMOS chips, USB ports. If the motherboard does need to be replaced then there are options available at varying costs depending on the features and performance required.

Apple Macbook Power Supply Unit (PSU)

We have a range of Original and Replacement Power Supplies for Apple.

Apple Macbook Battery

Give a longer life to your Macbook by changing that battery.

Apple Macbook and Mac Screen Faults

These faults may be the screen or graphics. If it is the computer then it would require diagnosing to determine what component is faulty.

Apple Mac Keyboard and Mouse Faults

Keyboards and mice can be replaced easily with any models.

Broken DVD / CD / BluRay Drive

Apple drives can be replaced by many other models, this is often the most cost effective method rather than repairing them.

Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive problems can occur quite frequently, particularly if the computer has been banged or dropped whilst turned on as the drive is only manufactured to withstand minimal g force. The symptoms may include MAC OS not loading up properly or software crashes. Data errors may be corrected, but it may also be necessary to install a new drive and either copy data and reinstall MAC OS.